Our Kingdom focus message for today is “Are you a Christian who owns a business or Are you  a Steward of a Christ led enterprise?”  There is a vast difference between the two.  For clarification of terms a Christian business owner is an individual who believes he is a Christian, however, does not strive to intentionally apply biblical principles in the manner in which they run their business.  A Steward of a Christ led enterprise is an individual who owns a business, yet has given total control of it to God and strives to apply biblical principles in all the aspects of day to day operations of their business.  The majority of businesses which claim to be owned by Christians look more like businesses run by unbelievers.  The reason for this that their concept of a being a Christian Business Leader is limited to the fact that they are a Christian but pretty much stops there.

A steward leads the organization as he/she believes they are being directed by the Holy Spirit and adhering to biblical principles in every aspect of the business.  In South Georgia / North Florida there is a group of business leaders who come together to become equipped to be stewards of a Christ led enterprise.  This group is called “Trusted Advisors”.  Trusted Advisors is:

  • A unique environment where non-competing business leaders meet monthly to grow as business leaders, without neglecting their family and community responsibilities.
  • Led by a trained CBMC Leadership Institute Professional with a seasoned business background and solid spiritual maturity.
  • A group which has a long term objective to help business leaders grow into the leaders God designed them to be, while building a business of excellence.
  • A forum which creates an environment of confidentiality, trust, friendship, mutual support and long term accountability….like having your own personal board of advisors.

Interested in learning more?  Contact us at rvielmas@cbmc.com for more information.